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Since 1967, Pomfret Hall has been creating a robust student living experience that inspires a strong sense of community, personal growth, and academic success. Our mission is to provide students with a place to call home that evolves with students as they work to define what "home" means to them throughout each academic year.









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Weekly Awesome Programming 24-hour public spaces inluding study lounges and movie/gaming rooms Built-In Dining Hall

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Jackson Cawthon Profile

Jackson Cawthon

Ross Holloway Profile

Ross Holloway

Norah Johnson Profile

Norah Johnson

Ayrianna Smith Profile

Ayrianna Smith

Jackson Bloder Profile

Jackson Bloder

Ben Micek Profile

Ben Micek

Deeksha Shanmuganathan Profile

Deeksha Shanmuganathan

Jenny Murphy Profile

Jenny Murphy

Jennifer Figueroa Profile

Jennifer Figueroa

Catherine Eshelbrenner Profile

Catherine Eshelbrenner

Emma Black Profile

Emma Black

Brian Zavaleta Arroyo Profile

Brian Zavaleta Arroyo

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Jalen Wilson

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Preston Crow

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Carson Gregory

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Jamie Harris

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Roddy Little

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Rileigh Jamison

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Emma Stewart

Andrew Files Profile

Andrew Files

Carlie Foster Profile

Carlie Foster

Caroline Dorian Profile

Caroline Dorian

Kylee Bard Profile

Kylee Bard

Senior Resident Assistant
Leslie Parker Profile

Leslie Parker

Coordinator for Residence Education


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