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To bring students together to create life long memories and an inclusive community.









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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Emma Sawyer Profile

Emma Sawyer

Luis Negrete Becerra Profile

Luis Negrete Becerra

Nathan Hubbard Profile

Nathan Hubbard

Makayla Hayden Profile

Makayla Hayden

Wellness Resident Assistant
Bianca Smith Profile

Bianca Smith

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Resident Assistant
Ben Micek Profile

Ben Micek

Merit Rogers Profile

Merit Rogers

Marketing Resident Assistant
Wasiq Tariq Profile

Wasiq Tariq

Community Resident Assistant
Jose Casasola Rosas Profile

Jose Casasola Rosas

Community Resident Assistant
Caleb Campbell Profile

Caleb Campbell

Community Resident Assistant
Jacinda Montgomery Profile

Jacinda Montgomery

Senior Resident Assistant
Dathan Vaught Profile

Dathan Vaught

Leadership Resident Assistant
Gryphon Davidson Profile

Gryphon Davidson

Community Resident Assistant
Hailey Caldwell Profile

Hailey Caldwell

Community Resident Assistant
Jillian Welsh Profile

Jillian Welsh

Community Resident Assistant
Kyra Merritt Profile

Kyra Merritt

Community Resident Assistant
Melissa Chible Profile

Melissa Chible

Academic Resident Assistant
Mary Owen Profile

Mary Owen

Community Resident Assistant
Nurian Chavez Profile

Nurian Chavez

Event Management Resident Assistant
Shayla Aerni Profile

Shayla Aerni

Community Resident Assistant
Yasmean Dehaghani Profile

Yasmean Dehaghani

Community Resident Assistant
Lenea Patterson-Newcomb Profile

Lenea Patterson-Newcomb

Coordinator for Residence Education

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