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To bring students together and create life longing memories, exciting, welcoming, and engaging community. You home away from home!









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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

Kaylin Oliver Profile

Kaylin Oliver

Coordinator for Residence Education
Ben Micek Profile

Ben Micek

Rylee Ball Profile

Rylee Ball

Abigail Martin Profile

Abigail Martin

Gladwin Tony Profile

Gladwin Tony

Community Resident Assistant
Reed Eschmann Profile

Reed Eschmann

Community Resident Assistant
Trusha Liyanage Profile

Trusha Liyanage

Community Resident Assistant
Lauren Launhardt Profile

Lauren Launhardt

Academic Resident Assistant
Juan Estrella Profile

Juan Estrella

Community Resident Assistant
Benjamin Kindall Profile

Benjamin Kindall

Leadership Resident Assistant
Emma Waters Profile

Emma Waters

Community Resident Assistant
Paige Thompson Profile

Paige Thompson

Wellness Resident Assistant
Jordi Castro Profile

Jordi Castro

Community Resident Assistant
Katelyn Schluterman Profile

Katelyn Schluterman

Marketing Resident Assistant
Natalie Lipe Profile

Natalie Lipe

Community Resident Assistant
Rebecca Englund Profile

Rebecca Englund

Community Resident Assistant
Thalita Hotz Profile

Thalita Hotz

Coordinator for Residence Education
Rachel Baltz Profile

Rachel Baltz

Senior Resident Assistant


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