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Film is a collaborative medium. The Film Honors Society (FHS) aims to
connect students and give them the resources to hone their craft, celebrating their works and developing a community along the way.

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What does FHS do?

It's our mission to help students become the best and most passionate filmmakers they can be... but how exactly do we plan to increase that infrastructure at the University of Arkansas?


We want to make filmmaking education accessible, even to non-majors. We aim to partner with professionals to teach workshops to hone specific skills.


We can make better art when we work together and collaborate. Even beyond projects, connecting with other creatives and having a community is so important.


We want to showcase student films as much as possible, as well as host recreational events. Film is fun! And it's also hard work. FHS wants to highlight both truths.

Our Officers

Brianna Ifland Profile

Brianna Ifland

Founder, President
Vita Long Profile

Vita Long

Jamison Monteiro Profile

Jamison Monteiro

Ketaki Kiran Deshpande Profile

Ketaki Kiran Deshpande

Primary Advisor


Film Honors Society

1 University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, Arkansas, 72701
United States