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Founded in 2012, the UARK Cycling Club is a group of students and faculty members who all share the same passion for cycling. Whether you just want to find other people to ride with around Fayetteville or are looking to race at the collegiate level, we have a place for every type of cyclist, regardless of experience or fitness level.


Our club races a variety of cycling disciplines at the collegiate, amateur, and professional level. Thanks to our sponsors, races are financially and logistically supported.

Collegiate Racing

  • We race within the South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference against universities from neighboring states.
  • The collegiate cross country (XC) mountain biking and track seasons are in the Fall, and the collegiate road racing season begins in the Spring.

Non-Collegiate Racing

  • We also send racers to non-collegiate amateur and professional events year-round.
  • Within road, XC, gravel, and cyclocross, these are most often USAC sanctioned events.
  • If there is an event you'd like to race not on our calendar, reach out we'd be thrilled to make it happen. We've sent racers to Unbound, Leadville, and more!

For any club involvement, please sign the Liability Form


  • Road Racing

    Road bike racing is a high-octane and competitive sport that showcases the pinnacle of endurance, strategy, and speed on two wheels. Cyclists in road bike races power through a dynamic blend of flat stretches, challenging climbs, and exhilarating descents, testing their physical prowess and mental acuity. These races demand impeccable teamwork, as riders draft behind each other to conserve energy, strategically launching attacks and breakaways to gain an edge. The sport's allure lies in the mix of individual grit and collective collaboration, where tactics, timing, and split-second decisions can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Road bike racing embodies the fusion of athleticism and tactics, creating a thrilling spectacle for both participants and spectators alike.

  • Enduro Racing

    Enduro mountain bike racing epitomizes the harmony between adrenaline-fueled descents and grueling uphill segments, delivering an electrifying experience for both riders and fans. This exhilarating discipline challenges participants with a series of timed downhill stages that demand precise bike handling skills and unwavering nerve through technical obstacles, berms, and jumps. The true essence of enduro lies in its uphill "liaison" sections, where riders pedal between the timed segments, testing their endurance and overall fitness. A strategic balance between conserving energy during climbs and pushing limits during descents is key to success. Enduro mountain bike racing is a true test of versatility, as riders need to excel in various terrains, from rocky trails to forested paths. It celebrates the fusion of skill, stamina, and calculated risk-taking, making each race an enthralling showcase of the riders' mastery over their machines and the mountains.

  • Cross Country (XC MTB) Racing

    Cross-country mountain bike racing embodies the essence of athleticism and endurance as riders navigate a challenging blend of terrains and landscapes. This demanding discipline requires a potent mix of speed, technical finesse, and unwavering stamina. Cyclists tackle a diverse array of trails, including singletrack, uphill climbs, and thrilling descents, showcasing their ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions. The essence of cross-country racing lies in its intense pacing and strategic decision-making, as riders must strike a delicate balance between conserving energy and pushing their limits. Precision and skill are crucial, with every pedal stroke and corner maneuver contributing to overall performance. Cross-country MTB racing is a true test of an individual's mettle, where mental resilience and physical prowess converge to conquer natural obstacles and the clock.

  • Gravel Racing

    We don't have a specific Gravel Bike Racing director, but we have many members from the other disciplines that also enjoy riding the beautiful gravel roads NWA has to offer. Gravel bike racing is a captivating fusion of endurance and adventure, blending the versatility of off-road terrain with the speed of road cycling. In these races, cyclists navigate a diverse mix of gravel roads, dirt trails, and occasionally paved sections, creating a unique challenge that demands both strength and technical proficiency. Gravel races often span long distances, showcasing the rider's ability to sustain effort over varied surfaces and unpredictable conditions. The allure of gravel bike racing lies in its spirit of exploration and camaraderie, where participants push their limits against the backdrop of scenic landscapes. Riders select their equipment carefully, aiming for a balance between speed and durability, as the ever-changing terrain requires adaptability. Gravel racing celebrates a connection to the outdoors, as athletes immerse themselves in a dynamic journey that is as much about the experience as it is about competition.









Recent Race Results

Ozark Enduro Lite Results


Due to it being a summer event not many students were in town but we did have a great time at this series.


Bella Vista

Trevor Bolena - 1st In Amateur Men 18-29

Kylie Winbigler - 2nd In Amateur Men 18-29

Sidharth Ramasubbu - 5th In Men OPEN


Lake Atalanta

Trevor Bolena - 1st In Amateur Men 19-29

Kylie Winbigler - 1st In Amateur Women 19-29

Gavin Williams - 2nd In Men E-Bike OPEN

Said Angeles - 11th In Amateur Men 19-29



Gavin Williams - 1st In Men E-Bike OPEN

Trevor Bolena - 1st In Amateur Men 19-29

Kylie Winbigler - 1st In Amateur Women 19-29

U.S. Pro Cup


World Class XC Event Held at Centennial Park in Fayetteville


Southern Enduro Series

This is one of the enduro teams favorite series of the year, we have had multiple podiums over the past years



Redemption Enduro

Aidan Watkins - 2nd In Amateur men 18-29

Kylie Winbigler - 3rd In Amateur Women 18-29

Gavin Williams - 4th In Amatuer men 18-29

Ethan Maxwell - 8th In Amateur men 18-29

Jack Graham - 10th In Amatuer men 18-29

Parker Cox - 14th In Amatuer men 18-29




North Woods

Anthony Puerta - 3rd In Amateur Men 18-29

Brady Avise - 4th In Amateur Men 18-29

Aidan Watkins - 5th In Amateur Men 18-29

JT Araiza - 6th In Expert Men 18-39

Kylie Winbigler - 8th In Amateur Women 18-29

Corbin Russ - 10th In Expert Men 18-39

James Emeric - 11th In Amateur Men 18-29

Gavin Williams - 12th In Expert Men 18-39

Charlie Wolf - 20th In Amateur Men 18-29


Redemption Enduro

Anthony Puerta - 3rd In Amateur Men 18-29

Aidan Watkins - 4th In Amatuer Men 18-29

Brady Avice - 6th In Amateur Men 18-29

James Emerric - 7th In Amateur Men 18-29

Gavin Williams - 9th In Expert Men 18-39

Charlie Wolf - 14th In Amateur Men 18-29

Our Team

Dylan Schlageter Profile

Dylan Schlageter

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Nathan Welch

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Hudson Hale

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Jack Graham

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Ethan Maxwell

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Sebastian Boysen

Sidharth Ramasubbu Profile

Sidharth Ramasubbu

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Sean Santoni

Road Director
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Gavin Williams

Enduro Director
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Namrata Anand



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