UA Cares Student Emergency Fund Application

Demographic Information

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hour during the term they are requesting emergency funds. The purpose of the U of A Cares Student Emergency Fund is to assist University of Arkansas students with short-term emergencies. These funds are not intended to be used for routine expenses or as a consistent financial supplement. Emergency situations could include, but are not limited to: death or serious illness of a parent, spouse or child, housing fire/ flood, or other extenuating circumstances. This fund cannot be used to provide tuition/fee support.

ELIGIBILITY: Currently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student. Be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour. Have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be in good academic and conduct standing (Applications not meeting this requirement may still be considered.)

PROCESS: Complete the following U of A Cares Student Emergency Fund Application. Fill out application completely and submit statement of need and supporting documentation. Student may be required to meet with U of A Cares staff and/or provide additional documentation pertaining to your request. Committee will review application and materials. U of A Cares will notify student of committee decision within 2 weeks.

***If the application is approved and student has received the maximum financial aid allowed, the student’s other aid (Pell grant, loans, etc.) may be reduced by the excess amount.***
Contact your financial aid counselor with any concerns or questions about your financial aid package prior to submitting your application. Please send any questions to uacares@uark.edu

Note: Applications will be accepted throughout the year while funds remain available.